About Us


We’re the Boltons and welcome to Off The Couch. As the name states, our main goal is to get families get “Off The Couch” and into the outdoors with a variety of ideas and resources to help. Lisa and I are both natives of Utah with four rambunctious boys with ages ranging from 4-18. As parents, we know it’s a challenge to get the kids focus off the TV, video games, smart phones, and tablets. Kids need a healthy alternative to explore the wonders of the outdoors and connect with family and friends.

Lisa was an avid outdoor enthusiast through her life enjoying camping, hiking, skiing, river rafting, climbing, and more. Brek on the other hand had limited exposure to the outdoors but managed to obtain some sweet skills in skiing and enjoy an occasional hike. This is where the story begins and continues to build. Growing up in Utah, Brek had no idea of all the opportunities and places to explore right in his back yard. Outdoor adventures were not a focus and activities “On The Couch” were more of a past time (hand over the remote ). Lisa introduces Brek to a whole new world and a mind is blown away. Why didn’t I know about this?? It’s a generational thing but this generation is going to change that. At least that’s where we want to help. We are NOT extremist nor experts. We are learning and leaning on Lisa to point the family in the right direction. However, as we do take time to get into the outdoors we see the benefits of building memories and confidence in everyone’s lives.

We hope to make the outdoors more accessible physically, mentally, and financially. How can we help you overcome the mental block, realize that you don’t have to spend a ton of money, and that you need just a little time to have an experience. So follow us around as we get the family “Off The Couch” and into the outdoors.

We're The Englands

“The mountains are calling and I must go”. This is a favorite quote and a favorite way of life. I love adventuring and I love experiencing this journey with my family.

I’ve always been active. I blame that mostly on my A.D.D. (thanks dad). Really though, I enjoy movement, productivity, and creativity. I love to sweat and to feel my mind find clarity. I’m not sure whether I adventure to live or live to adventure but I enjoy it nonetheless. I’ve found that it’s my sanity, my quiet time, and it is where I draw energy to be a more patient and capable mother to my five babes, as well as a better wife to my husband.

I was raised on the slopes of the beautiful Wasatch mountains of Utah. I claim the best DNA of my active parents.. my father, a ski patrol turned resort builder/owner of ParkWest (now the Canyons), and my mother, a legit farm girl.. who knows the ins and outs of surviving the land. Along with my little sister, our family traveled, camped, explored, hiked, biked every nook and cranny of Utah and the surrounding National Parks.

I am now on a mission to expose these same adventures to my family, namely my children. There’s nothing that brings me more joy than observing my mini beloveds discover the beauty of the land and the adventures that await.

You too will find that adventuring with those most important to you will create lasting memories and will bring more joy and fulfillment to your life as a family.