Published on November 6, 2017 by Brek Bolton

True North Axe Throwing

True North Axe Company is located in Lehi, Utah and they provide an experience in learning how to throw an axe.  I know… I know…  sounds only fun to a certain few.  However we went with a group of couples and had a blast.   First, the company provides instruction in learning the technique in throwing an axe at a target.  Once you get a few minutes behind the axe, you are able to make the axe stick to a wooden target with some precision.  From there, there is a host of competition games that you have between couples.  From round robin tournaments to one on one competition, you really get to test your skills.  The gals of the group were a little reluctant in starting. Once they got the hang of it, the competitive spirit took over and they actually beat most of the guys.  The company has some cool technology to keep track of scores and brackets in the tournament.  The whole group said that they would definitely come back to do it again.

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