Ben was born April 18, 2013.  He lives in Idaho.  He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on April 4, 2016.  He takes daily and weekly chemo at home and then every 28 days he comes to Utah with his Mom for a chemo treatment here in Utah.  He also gets a lumbar puncture with chemo in his spine 2 out of every 3 months.  He will be in treatment for the cancer until August 2019.  Then a frequent monitoring for the next five years after that.

I found out about this little boy because my Mom’s neighbors have opened their home to the family when he comes for treatment.


We are encouraging all of our followers and anyone who wants to participate to set up a lemonade stand in there neighborhood and allow some of the money raised to go in helping Ben and his family in paying for medical expenses from all the treatments.

Lemonade stands have been shown to teach children as well.  A few things they teach are setting a goal, making a plan, following through with a plan, set up, math skills and they see an accomplishment at the end.
We can leave it up to each individual stand how much they choose to donate.  They could a donate a % of what they earn.  They can donate what they earned – cost of product or they can donate 100%.  It is up to them.  This can also be a good lesson in budgeting and giving back.

A venmo account is established for your contributions… A 100% of the money will be going to Ben


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